Nov. 13, 2022

We biomolecular engineers instead use DNA as a basic programmable building block, with which we can build all sorts of useful and complex devices...

Oct. 28, 2022

DAY 6, October 21, 2022 – Episode 621

Oct. 9, 2022

"We had an increase of 5,000 emergency responses last year which is something we’ve never seen in our 43 years of history of serving Saskatoon..."

Sep. 9, 2022

"We penetrate the cabinets"

Aug. 29, 2022

The largest nuclear power plant in Europe faces the possibility of a catastrophic radiation leak that will be brought about more by 'fake news' than by a sab...

Aug. 20, 2022

It has made me angry and sad and yet slightly hopeful

Aug. 6, 2022

"Far-right European racist and anti-Semite strongman, the Trojan horse of Putin, holds speech at conservative conference."

Jul. 31, 2022

Test Results And Demographics - Part 1

Jul. 31, 2022

Part 3 - Closing

Jul. 26, 2022

If a Tree falls in a forest, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Jul. 15, 2022

Today Canada authorized the injection of the experimental, genetic modifiers (manufactured by Pfizer, Moderna, J&J) into children despite numerous statements...

Jun. 28, 2022

You ask me: Who could have so much power and so much influence that they would be able to send half the world into isolation?

Jun. 18, 2022

Sebastian Vettel has ripped a page or three out of Greta Thunberg's book on 'climate alarmism for profit'

Jun. 15, 2022

Canada, it would appear from their analysis is a 'hot bed' of 'conspiracy theorists' with Maxime Bernier leading the charge

Jun. 10, 2022

"They are bastards and degenerates. They want us, Russia, dead. As long as I live, I will do my best to make them disappear”

Jun. 8, 2022

How does the human body suddenly start emitting RF radiation at frequencies hundreds of millions times faster than normal, with a readable code embedded?

May. 25, 2022

Headlines read, “Ukraine And Poland Boost Military And Energy Cooperation” but leave out all of the reasons why.

May. 6, 2022

China is no longer afraid of the United States and it has a two century-old bone to pick with Japan and the 'west' in general...

May. 5, 2022

At this writing the Ruble is trading at 62.5 Ruble per USD, down from the high of 132.34 Ruble per USD on March 07 of this year...

May. 3, 2022

Loss of immune defences, reproductive failures and sudden cardiac arrest are but three of the many side effects which have been recognized...

Apr. 20, 2022

One of Satan's best lines is, “The science is settled.”

Apr. 10, 2022

Why are we offering up our valuables to the climate shaman in an effort to stop something that occurs naturally and is of benefit to humanity?

Apr. 8, 2022

Continued from Part 1

Mar. 24, 2022

An unskilled hunter does not eat, and an untested artist does not blossom, no matter what race or colour they happen to be.

Mar. 14, 2022

"It never left me. The discrepancy."

Feb. 19, 2022

This was not ISIS out there. It was Canadians with charter rights

Feb. 11, 2022

If you thought Harper and Trudeau were divisive leaders, just wait until you meet Mark Carney.

Feb. 8, 2022

The longest truck convoy in world history crosses this country and Canadians are not supposed to know lest they realize how badly they are being played...

Jan. 30, 2022

The small fringe minority of people who are on their way to Ottawa who are holding unacceptable views that they are expressing do not represent the views of ...

Jan. 17, 2022

"If we had not been told that there was an epidemic in the country, you would not have known there was such an epidemic..."

Jan. 5, 2022

“...primarily working-age people 18 to 64...What we saw just in third quarter, we’re seeing it continue into fourth quarter, is that death rates are up 40%..."

Dec. 13, 2021

“There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio than are dreamt of in your philosophy” William Shakespeare, Hamlet

Sep. 12, 2021

Of the tens of thousands of wells under review, perhaps one-third of one percent have a suitable combination of bore diameter, shallow depth and temperature

Aug. 14, 2021

"Other bird and fish die-offs - as these mass deaths are called - were also reported as far away as Japan, Thailand, Brazil.”

Aug. 13, 2021

“Every Hungarian I have met... had better English than our own president” Tucker Carlson

Nov. 2, 2022

United States Nuclear & Missile Defense Posture 2022

Oct. 18, 2022

"If I die, you were right. If I don’t die, and have no ill effects, you were wrong, and should admit it..."

Oct. 6, 2022

"They suffered untold discrimination, denunciations, betrayals and humiliations… but they carried on"

Sep. 7, 2022

“If you don’t want a Civil War, vote for Democrats in November. If you do want Civil War, vote Republican”

Aug. 20, 2022

Bonita Zarrillo, NDP MP for Port Moody-Coquitlam, British Columbia has done wonders for Canada's Conservative and right-wing political parties with her recen...

Aug. 6, 2022

No one works harder than hungry people

Aug. 6, 2022

We know that family is the place to transfer the values of parents to a next generation.

Jul. 31, 2022

Test Results and Demographics - Part 2

Jul. 29, 2022

Vikings, Multi-disciplinary Study and Our Future

Jul. 19, 2022

'Normal science' as noted by Funtowicz and Ravets does not function well with unknowns, preconceptions, biases and competing interests

Jun. 28, 2022

At Santa Marta they are also beginning to talk about trans-humanism, obstinately ignoring the antichristic nature of this ideology

Jun. 27, 2022

The federal government plans to "work closely" with the provinces and territories to increase the rate of persons vaccinated with three doses

Jun. 18, 2022

Between the 13th and the 14th of June this year, in the state of Kansas approximately 10,000 head of cattle died mysteriously.

Jun. 14, 2022

And just like that, six millions Canadians can board planes, trains and automobiles without having to divulge their medical history or show their 'papers'.

Jun. 8, 2022

What differentiates the MAC address of a known device from the addresses being broadcast by humans?

May. 26, 2022

Fool Me Once, Shame On You. Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me.

May. 11, 2022

Those who are prolonging this action in Ukraine should be ashamed

May. 6, 2022

'Soft power' is the term for influence generated through friendly relations between nations and China has been refining this strategically necessary skill

May. 3, 2022

Putin still sits alone in a rock-solid position: he has the overwhelming support of the Russian people.

Apr. 26, 2022

"If then you do not make yourself equal to God, you cannot apprehend God; for like is known by like."

Apr. 14, 2022

North Korea was and is the 'Canary in the coal mine' for American diplomacy around the world.

Apr. 8, 2022

Our Young Global Leaders

Mar. 25, 2022

Why does it take the European Parliament to chastise and hold Trudeau to account for his authoritarian actions in Canada?

Mar. 21, 2022

I want to thank Vladimir Putin for ending COVID-19 through his efforts to 'de-nazify' the Ukraine.

Feb. 20, 2022

Some of the most poisonous people come disguised as friends and family.

Feb. 15, 2022

"Freedom is a slippery concept..."

Feb. 11, 2022

"There is an unspoken message concealed within the tone of the writing, and a shifting of linguistic definitions that comes with it"

Feb. 7, 2022

I cannot fully express my remorse with the positions my heroes are taking. I am beginning to question the very foundations of the culture they helped create

Jan. 20, 2022

Vaccine manufacturers will continue to claim that their products are safe and effective while Insurers will be fighting to find proof that they are not

Jan. 8, 2022

Part 1 - “Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics”

Jan. 5, 2022

The war of 1950 shall be the introduction to these things...

Sep. 19, 2021

That energy could be used to fire a natural gas powered, electrical generator, and/or high fuel demand applications like industrial laundry or greenhouses

Aug. 15, 2021

We run in, when everyone is running out...

Aug. 13, 2021

The Taliban would like to thank the American tax payer for their recent donation of military equipment, vehicles and supplies