Feb. 8, 2022

Hypocrisy And Projection As An Art Form

"Individuals are trying to blockade our economy, our democracy, and our fellow citizens' daily lives,"

No, that was not me speaking to the damage government overreach had caused during these past two years, it is Justin Trudeau speaking during an emergency Parliament session (LINK), about the hundreds of thousands of Canadians protesting against Trudeau and all that he represents.

To Canadians who only listen to television and radio news, the quantity of 'hundreds of thousands of Canadians' protesting might come as a surprise but I assure you that the people Trudeau is speaking about are no 'fringe minority'. Truth be told, there are probably more than 12 million Canadians involved in and supporting these protests.

It is sad, embarrassing and infuriating that Canadian media will not show or discuss the true size of the protests and their locations in major Canadian cities and U.S./Canada border crossings (LINK), (LINK), these past few weeks.

When the Canadian media does mention the protests it is to lie about violence, Nazis, theft and the danger to citizens (LINK). Odd that the Canadian government and media support the Nazi element in the Ukraine (LINK), but when one idiot waving a nazi flag is spotted by the press in Ottawa, every protester is labelled as a fascist, right-wing maniac bent on destroying the Canadian way of life through misogyny and racism.

This failure to show Canadians the truth about how a growing majority of their fellow citizens feel and what is happening in their own country is widening the divide within our society created by Trudeau and his minions. How many Canadians know that deaths in Canada, like all the other 109 nations suddenly in medical lock-step over this virus have been vastly overplayed by the media? If you doubt this, please see the CDC documents that show only 6% of the hundreds of thousands of reported COVID deaths were actually 'from' the virus (LINK), the rest having died 'with' the virus (LINK).

How badly is Canada's population split on current events? During a late night discussion on the Canadian protests with a good friend, he questioned why tow-trucks or other devices are not being used to remove the few vehicles blocking the roads in Ottawa. It is his impression, gleaned from watching only television news that the 'handful of trucks' represent no real threat other than a nuisance to the city of Ottawa, a nuisance reduced by a recent injunction to cease horn-blowing within the city limits.

I will always remember the look of surprise and indignation on his face when I showed him 'alternate' news media video and reporting on the 69 kilometer (43 mile) long convoy of trucks as they made their way East towards Ontario from the prairie provinces and British Columbia (LINK). My friend had also read the CBC Vancouver news of two weeks ago that stated 'a dozen' trucks were participating in a small protest in the province and that there was nothing of note happening.

The longest truck convoy in world history (approximately 50,000 when they reached the Ontario/Manitoba border) crosses this country and Canadians are not supposed to know lest they realize how badly they are being played by this government and its media (LINK)

My friend did not know that upwards of 20,000 trucks from Canada's Eastern provinces plus from several U.S. States had joined the convoy in Ontario, leading to as many as 70,000 trucks descending upon Ottawa as a show to all Canadians that Trudeau and HIS media cannot be trusted with this country or its people.

"Individuals are trying to blockade our economy, our democracy, and our fellow citizens' daily lives,"

Yes, son of Pierre, (LINK), (LINK), you have been hard at it since you came to power (LINK). You want the protests to stop? Leave now and take your mandates, and your minions (LINK), (LINK), (LINK), with you.