Mar. 21, 2022

COVID On Trial, Dollar Hegemony and Biological Warfare

I want to thank Vladimir Putin for ending COVID-19 through his efforts to 'de-nazify' the Ukraine.

Yet just as I was stuffing my mask into the shredder, Pfizer and the CDC announce the 'need' for a fourth shot!

Judging by the EKOS poll results, above, it will be those people who are gleefully following the media into a global war with Russia that will want that fourth shot, and more.

While on that thread, at the beginning of February 2022 a civilian 'Grand Jury' was assembled and began taking apart events leading up to and during the COVID scare these past twenty-seven months.

The proceedings were overseen by Reiner Fuellmich, the lawyer who successfully sued Volkswagen over their emissions scandal and Deutsche Bank for money laundering and corruption. A guy you want on Your side.

According to the trial organizers this effort paints “...a complete picture of the factual situation, including the geopolitical and historical background, the trial aims to raise awareness of the collapse of the current hijacked system and its institutions.

I have followed the information gathering of this legal team over these past two years and it's been quite a learning experience. These trial proceedings review all of that evidence to inform its conclusions, many of which are unnerving but entirely plausible given our current level of technology, political and social upheaval.

Which brings us to what has been going on behind the ever-present news of war and pestilence; The 'Green Revolution' is picking up speed, and I am scared because of the negative impact it will have on all our lives.

Reducing pollution is truly a noble effort, but to impose drastic energy and transportation restrictions in the face of a weakening American dollar, amid today's geopolitical disruptions, is suicidal to our economies and societies.

Please let me explain...

For thousands of years, gold, silver and other precious (rare) commodities have been used in trade. Even today these things have an acknowledged value because of their rarity and difficulty in procuring more. They hold their value because they are tangible assets which cannot be easily duplicated.

The same cannot be said for paper or digital currency, the availability of which is not tied to some tangible, valuable asset. The more you make of a currency lacking in asset value, the less it is worth, and this is the situation the United States finds itself in today.

At this writing, countries with which the United States trades, and depends upon to house their military bases, supply them with fuel, grow their food and build their 'everything' are becoming hesitant to recognize much value in the U.S. Dollar.

Yet if the U.S. Dollar is supposed to be the currency upon which all trade is based, what are those other nations comparing the Dollar's value to now?

They are looking to gold backed currency offered by Russia as of March 04, 2022 and to some extent China, although China's offering is a gold and oil backed digital currency which is only good while the electrical grid holds.

If you see Russia as taking the upper hand with this necessary move to save themselves from the effects of sanctions and financial isolation by the 'west', then you are in agreement with American and European leaders who are fully aware that a gold Ruble will end the Dollar and Euro supremacy.

Between the 25th of February when Russia moved into the Ukraine, and the 4th of March, just before President Putin secured the Ruble, the United States was saying ; “No nuclear war.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin even stated that, “All this talk of nuclear war is dangerous, stop it.

Yet as of the 5th of March and upon news of the 'golden ruble', their tone has changed. Suddenly there is public 'consensus building' to prepare people for the possibility of nuclear war. Sadly the desire to see Russia as a legitimate target for nuclear destruction, which is being created by government and spit out by the media, is working, as this most recent poll of Americans from March 12th suggests.

Now however, the reason for conflict with the Russian Federation is laid bare; To save the United States Dollar and the Euro, Russia's influence on world trade must be removed.

So, even with the NYT admitting that Joe and Hunter Biden really are criminally complicit in political and financial corruption, plus the support of neo-nazi militia in the Ukraine, the march to a very serious conflict has begun in earnest.

Will it be nuclear? Probably not.

Will it be biological? I am willing to bet the war will be of a biological nature and that every effort will be made to take Russia out of the picture. Why else would the United States put so many biological laboratories on Russia's borders?

For what it's worth, I believe that a NATO country will soon stage a false flag attack within their own borders and blame it on the Russian Federation. This, and the torture of captured Russian troops by the Ukrainians will inflame the conflict which will then spread to neighboring countries.

Russia will increase its use of artificial intelligence and autonomous weapons platforms and briefly take the upper hand. Then, without notice a series of missile launches from the Middle East will drop a biological agent along the north/south line of a Russian advance towards Germany. Prevailing winds will carry the agent across the Ukraine and into Russia, killing millions. Russia will retaliate with long distance strikes against the United Kingdom and other NATO nations but it will be all over for them because their population has been decimated.

Once that has happened the world will be in for 'societal control' of the likes never seen before. This centralized, global dictatorship will last for four years and then after a series of natural disasters has occurred in the United States, China will make her move across the Pacific and a the real, Third World War will begin.

Thank you,