Mar. 25, 2022

Sending Out An S.O.S.

Do you know how the world sees Canada today?

As a dictatorship.

Four, count em', four European Union parliamentarians have stood to face Trudeau this week and called him a dictator and blamed him for making Canada a blemish on the global map. Here is a five minute compilation of those speakers addressing Trudeau at the E.U. parliament in Brussels, Belgium.

One of the parliamentarians said that Trudeau should not be allowed to speak in their presence again.

All of this comes after Trudeau had the gall to stand before an almost empty E.U. House (most parliamentarians left the room in protest before he could open his mouth) to chastise other nations for their abuse of human rights and freedoms. I don't know of many people who can be so hypocritical and still believe they have earned respect for their actions. (the ones I do know of are controlling major corporations and world powers at the moment).

Trudeau reminds me of an immature husband who is chastised at work and then goes home to vent his anger by beating his wife and children. I fear that Trudeau will return to Canada and double down on his maleficence. His carbon tax beginning April 01 is just the start. I wonder if Canadians will get to see where the money goes?

All of this raises questions, with the first two being; Why does it take the European Parliament to chastise and hold Trudeau to account for his authoritarian actions in Canada? Where are Canadian 'opposition' parliamentarians who are paid by the people, to stand up for the people against the Prime Minister?

We don't have any. Canada lacks a working government at the moment with the NDP acting as a support dog for Trudeau while the Conservatives are unable to formulate a coherent sentence on the matter. At one time I thought P. Poilievre was a possible Conservative leader because he actually stood up in the Canadian House of Commons and called Trudeau out for his actions against protesters these past few months.

Then this past week I heard Poilievre side with the Nazi's in the Ukraine and that was enough. It does not matter what political party scrambles for power in Canada because they are all corrupted by one interest group or another.

While all this is going on, the three Canadians named as 'organizers' of the longest truck convoy/protest in history are receiving even more and very serious charges against them.

I must remind you that the protest was carried out without violence and with little or no damage to property and infrastructure, no matter what the Ottawa mayor wants you to believe. I remind you of that because in 2020 while the Black Lives Matter protests were raging across Canada and the United States, only misdemeanor charges were laid against three protesters who damaged property and those charges most likely will be dropped.

I doubt they will be prosecuted because Trudeau gave thousands of dollars to the BLM cause on both sides of the border while having his own citizens fired from work for not thinking according to his wishes. I doubt they will be prosecuted because most of the very violent BLM and Antifa protesters on the U.S. side of the border have had their charges dropped.

My third question is; Why are Canadians supporting Trudeau and his actions?

I've got a darn good idea why, but the answer would insult a majority of Canadians. The fact that my answer would outrage most Canadians is just as sad as Trudeau having his ass handed to him by the E.U. Parliamentarians while Canadian media try to tell us that Trudeau received a standing ovation for his little talk in Brussels.

Poundmaker, why did you have to give up the fight?