Jul. 31, 2022

Court Ordered FDA/Pfizer Document Release

Part 3 of 3 - Continued from Part 2...

At least one observation they made on the 'unlikely' incidence of sperm count/quality reduction subsequent to vaccination I can counter with real-world proof in people that I know who can no longer father children because he was vaccinated and for no other reason.

Last Words

Ronald Reagan said in his farewell address that you should not be afraid to see what you see. At the time he was referring to how the United States looked at communism spreading in the country and saying that you must not ignore even the slightest indication of its existence. Today his words can be used when looking for signs that the COVID vaccines are adversely affecting Global demographics.

It is relatively early in this unfolding drama and the data we need to navigate the future is not being offered freely. So many questions remain and the uncertainty is as damaging as the slowly mounting statistics.

I cannot blame you if your response to current world events is to ignore them and carry on with your daily routine; it is mentally and physically less taxing to do so. Personally I can't do that and I will be watching with great interest as the FDA (and other global health agencies) continue their data release, just as I will be paying close attention to 'the numbers' released by insurance companies, mortuaries and statisticians everywhere.

We are leaving this world to our children and their children's children and our primary concern has been to ensure the world will be a kind and gentle place for them. Now humanity must concern itself with ensuring that our children will have children.

More to come.

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P.S. Knowing all that we do about global population decline and how it's been going on for decades, where the heck do Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab get off pretending that the global population rise will kill us all for lack of resources and why would anyone believe them?