For more than thirty years, I have been supplying packaged equipment to countries around the world while providing my investors, partners and customers with operating confidence and a rapid return on investment

You may see some of that equipment in refineries, gas plants, hospitals or any number of industrial and heavy commercial settings but you would know them only by the many names emblazoned on their sides; names of OEM’s and suppliers who put their trust in me to provide solutions

I offer an exceptionally broad range of industrial design experience in Packaged and Site-Constructed Process Equipment which is designed to release and use energy contained in fuels and waste materials.  Scope of services offered to your project include, but are not limited to:

- Fuel and Waste Materials Analysis Process and Workflow Design

- Emissions, Efficiency and Energy Recovery Determination

- Sizing and Design of Fired Heaters, Furnaces, Burners, Gas Scrubbers, Flares and related equipment

- Project Management, Procurement, Supervision Inspection, Trouble Shooting, Start Up, Commissioning and Training

Combustion Research and Development carried out to date has impacted a broad swath of government and industry and includes, but is not limited to;

- Contribution to the U.S. EPA rules on Solid Waste Incineration

- Providing Investors with hundreds of thousands of dollars in Canadian SR & ED Tax Credits

- Improving Heavy Oil Refining and Gas Processing performance

- Proving the functionality of Fluid Bed Gasification and Controlled Air Incineration in recovering Energy from Waste

- Reduced Odour, Emissions and Fuel Consumption in more than two hundred Industrial, Heavy Commercial and Municipal, Flame-based Installations

- Generated dozens of electronic and mechanical products which serve Petrochemical, Resource and Government projects in at least six nations

I am responsible to date for close to three thousand burners in dozens of configurations of waste, fuel and air introduction. These include granular solids, liquids of varying viscosity, gases, aerosols and combinations of same

My experience also includes, but is not limited to the supply of more than two dozen Tail-gas, Bio-gas and Off-gas Incinerators; Three dozen Thermal Oxidizer in a dozen different configurations, plus more than twenty Solid Waste Incinerator, Rotary Kiln and Gasifier installations in clinical and municipal settings

I do not manufacture product.

All other facets of a design-build project are offered to your critical, hazardous and unique application(s) and it would be a pleasure to discuss them with you

Please contact me to arrange data transfer, a telephone conversation or face to face meeting

My Sincere Thanks for your Consideration

T.L. Willis