August 16, 2022

There remains the unsolved problem of the immense number of defectives and criminals. They are an enormous burden for the part of the population that has remained normal. “ Alexis Carrel, 1939

You may find the following interview somewhat preposterous but there is merit in not discounting the impact this individual, and those of like mind have on global society.

The person quoted below is a senior advisor to the United Nations' many organizations where he is most influential within the World Bank and World Economic Forum.   He describes himself as 'historian and philosopher' while authoring the bestsellers, “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind”,  “Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow”, and  “21 Lessons for the 21st Century”

The following excerpt is taken from an interview given to the TED Talk producers and posted on Youtube three weeks ago:

A lot of people sense that they are being left behind and left out of the story, even if their material conditions are still relatively good. 

In the 20th century, what was common to all the stories — the liberal, the fascist, the communist — is that the big heroes of the story were the common people, not necessarily all people, but if you lived, say, in the Soviet Union in the 1930s, life was very grim, but when you looked at the propaganda posters on the walls that depicted the glorious future, you were there.  You looked at the posters which showed steel workers and farmers in heroic poses, and it was obvious that this is the future.

Now, when people look at the posters on the walls, or listen to TED talks, they hear a lot of these these big ideas and big words about machine learning and genetic engineering and blockchain and globalization, and they are not there.  They are no longer part of the story of the future, and I think that — again, this is a hypothesis — if I try to understand and to connect to the deep resentment of people, in many places around the world, part of what might be going there is people realize — and they’re correct in thinking that — that,  ‘The future doesn’t need me.

You have all these smart people in California and in New York and in Beijing, and they are planning this amazing future with artificial intelligence and bio-engineering and in global connectivity and whatnot, and they don’t need me.

Maybe if they are nice, they will throw some crumbs my way like universal basic income,’  but it’s much worse psychologically to feel that you are useless than to feel that you are exploited.  If you go back to the middle of the 20th century — and it doesn’t matter if you’re in the United States with Roosevelt, or if you’re in Germany with Hitler, or even in the USSR with Stalin — and you think about building the future, then your building materials are those millions of people who are working hard in the factories, in the farms, the soldiers.  You need them. You don’t have any kind of future without them.”

“Now, fast forward to the early 21st century when we just don’t need the vast majority of the population, because the future is about developing more and more sophisticated technology, like artificial intelligence [and] bioengineering. Most people don’t contribute anything to that, except perhaps for their data, and whatever people are still doing which is useful, these technologies increasingly will make redundant and will make it possible to replace the people.

United Nations, World Economic Forum (WEF) advisor Yuval Noah Harari

A Return To Eugenics

As disturbing as Mr. Harari's ideas might sound, the concept of a 'useless' population and ideas on how to remove it are centuries old and supported by many influential people.

Eugenics History in the United States

Eugenics History in the United States

Mr. Brock Chisholm, Canada's Deputy Health Minister during the 1950's and who became the first director of the United Nation's World Health Organization in 1958 was an ardent eugenicist, an outspoken critic of organized religion and supported birth-control, sterilization and euthanasia.

Link: NYT Obituary   





Alexis Carrel, French surgeon and Nobel Prize winner in 1912 and lauded for his advancements in medicine was of a similar mind and in his 1939 book, 'Man The Unknown' Mr. Carrel expressed the desire to euthanize anyone not beneficial to society;

There remains the unsolved problem of the immense number of defectives and criminals. They are an enormous burden for the part of the population that has remained normal.  As already pointed out, gigantic sums are now required to maintain prisons and insane asylums and protect the public against gangsters and lunatics.

Why do we preserve these useless and harmful beings?

The abnormal prevent the development of the normal. This fact must be squarely faced. Why should society not dispose of the criminals and the insane in a more economical manner?

Further on in the book he clarifies the means of economical disposal when he says the defective “...should be humanely and economically disposed of in small euthanasic institutions supplied with proper gases. A similar treatment could be advantageously applied to the insane, guilty of criminal acts.

Alexis Carrel,  'Man The Unknown' 1939

Margaret Sanger's 1922 book 'The Pivot Of Civilization' which is a master class in population reduction wherein she promotes birth control as a “...step in advance of earlier Malthusian doctrines”;

There is but one practical and feasible program in handling the great problem of the feeble-minded. That is, as the best authorities are agreed, to prevent the birth of those who would transmit imbecility to their descendants.

Feeble-mindedness as investigations and statistics from every country indicate, is invariably associated with an abnormally high rate of fertility. Modern conditions of civilization, as we are continually being reminded, furnish the most favorable breeding-ground for the mental defective, the moron, the imbecile.

"We protect the members of a weak strain," says Davenport, "up to the period of reproduction, and then let them free upon the community, and encourage them to leave a large progeny of `feeble-minded': which in turn, protected from mortality and carefully nurtured up to the reproductive period, are again set free to reproduce, and so the stupid work goes on of preserving and increasing our socially unfit strains."



The 'Davenport' spoken of by Ms. Sanger was Charles Benedict Davenport, a Harvard-trained biologist and director of the Biological Laboratory of the Eugenics Record Office of the United States in 1898.

According to The Eugenics Archive, “He was instrumental in persuading the Carnegie Institution of Washington to establish the second organization — the Station for Experimental Evolution — in 1903 on land adjoining the Biological Laboratory. The Station became one of the first American institutions to study genetics.

Sanger, Davenport and others at that time were influenced by Sir Francis Galton, Victorian polymath: geographer, meteorologist, tropical explorer, founder of differential psychology, inventor of fingerprint identification, pioneer of statistical correlation and regression, convinced hereditarian, eugenicist, proto-geneticist, half-cousin of Charles Darwin and best-selling author.

I have no patience with the hypothesis occasionally expressed, and often implied, especially in tales written to teach children to be good, that babies are born pretty much alike, and that the sole agencies in creating differences between boy and boy, and man and man, are steady application and moral effort.

It is in the most unqualified manner that I object to pretensions of natural equality.

The experiences of the nursery, the school, the University, and of professional careers, are a chain of proofs to the contrary.

Francis Galton, 'Hereditary Genius' (1869)  



FRANCIS GALTON cira 1880's

FRANCIS GALTON cira 1880's

I could fill pages with well known eugenicists who, throughout recent history have influenced governments, religions, academia plus public and secret societies alike, but therein lies my problem; The concept of 'The Master Race' has been with us for a long time and although publicly suppressed during and after the second world war, a new form of it appears to be making a resurgence into polite (elite) society.

Frighteningly what Mr. Harari and his present day analogs are proposing goes beyond birth control, sterilization and euthanasia all the way to replacing the 7-plus billion people of today with half a billion people of their 'design'. Propelled by rapid advancements in genetics, synthetic biology and artificial intelligence, Mr. Harari's iteration of 'experimental evolution' has been unfolding quietly and out of public view since the 1970's when gene synthesis was first realized.

Today this science has progressed to the point where it can no longer be hidden from the public and so those driving these developments have found/hired influential apostles to convince the masses that their efforts are for the 'common good'.

Yet it matters not who is proposing the development of a 'master race', Eugenics remains the epitome of racism. Society is forced to recall this glaring observation every time 'The Holocaust' is mentioned and a fact which begs the question;

“How has the idea of economically removing the 'Untermench' become acceptable United Nations policy today?”



In his excellent short article from 2019, 'Commentary: The Progressive Ideas That Fueled America’s Eugenics Movement',  Bradley Thomas describes how the concept of societal control is sold to the public, suggesting that,

Progressive ideology focuses on the “common good” while devaluing individual rights. This mindset, however, has disturbing consequences: when you elevate the “common good” over the rights of individuals, individuals become expendable.

A Future For Humanity

The future doesn’t need me.

According to Mr. Harari, humanity is being left behind in a rush to the technological future created, not surprisingly by Mr. Harari himself. Without the ability to compete with his future, billions of people will die. To mitigate this looming disaster, all of the worlds food, fuel and finances must be controlled and distributed between those who have and those who have not.

This sounds very forward-looking and humanitarian but it also sounds like Marxism. Mr. Harari and the 'World Government' which must necessarily evolve if he is to be successful, needs control over global resources and in our world 'control' means ownership.

Since not many people are going to surrender their family farm, cottage, water well, bank account or physical body to a government, Mr. Harari must remove this opposition before he can see his plans through, and this is where the Conspiracy begins.



None of this should be considered a conspiracy because the United Nations and its NGO's have been publishing and publicly announcing their goals for decades. Sadly those same people have, through compliant government and media, ensured that public discourse on these goals and the means to achieve them is taboo.

A lack of discussion and disclosure cannot but lead to public distrust of 'authority' and the development of theories by the public to replace missing information.

The Conspiracy

As noted, the United Nations, its NGO's and agents have made their goals quite public, just as the developers of disruptive technologies take pride in publishing their achievements in scientific journals.  To most people this should be considered 'disclosure' however a critical reading of the available publications reveals a frightening disconnect between the rigours of conventional scientific study and what has become 'science by consensus'.

According to proponents of this shift away from established methodology towards that based on the consensus of all 'interested parties',

Post-normal science (PNS) is a problem-solving framework developed by Silvio Funtowicz and Jerome Ravetz (1993) and introduced at the first gathering of the International Society for Ecological Economics in 1990. In ‘normal’ science, uncertainty, value loadings and plural legitimate perspectives tend to be neglected, whereas according to the ‘post-normal’ view, these are integral elements to science particularly in the cases where facts are uncertain, values are in dispute, the stakes are high and decisions are urgent.

Post-normal science makes it permissible for the 'owners' of scientific and technological discoveries to manipulate the parameters of the experiments proving their findings while determining how the information is disseminated, all in order to suit the agenda they are pursuing at the time.

Yet not everyone has adopted post-normal science and those people retaining the 'scientific method' and some degree of critical thought arrive at their own conclusions based on what evidence they can gleen from the world around them. Considering past and present advancements in genetics and current world events, not to mention the words of Mr. Harari et al, the conclusion many people have drawn when considering our future is that;

Using advanced technologies Mr. Harari's World Government has begun to create a 'slave-class' of homo sapiens while simultaneously reducing the number of 'original', troublesome humans in an effort to own and develop the worlds resources 'sustainably'.



'Bullshit!' You cry, but in the absence of full disclosure by government and media, how do you know?

Is it your belief that humanity lacks the technology and/or the cruelty to set such goals and execute the means to achieve them?

If your belief system can handle it, permit me to expand on this conspiracy and explore its roots because if we cannot have various interpretations of, and discourse on world events then Mr. Harari, his sponsors and followers will have their way.



In The Beginning

This World Government has been generations in the making. Arising slowly and almost imperceptibly out of the ashes of humanities last great conflict it is directed by a small group of powerful people and informed by the ideas of Thomas Malthus, the Fabians, Maimonides, Carl Marx and others.

Out of apparent good-will the World Government creates global charities, schools, financial, environmental and health organizations which are used to spread its influence into many sovereign nations.  Over the seventy years since it's official inception this World Government has successfully harnessed global finance, science, environment, energy, health, business, regional governments and public consensus to its needs.

Link:  UN Climate     Links: UN Carbon Tax , Carbon Off-SetCarbon , Water , WaterFoodFood 

Today only two things remain before it can truly consider itself a 'World' government; the ability to design a population into functional classes, and the removal of most of the 'original', useless humanity...

The Science

Work on a designer food supply and designer population began quietly at first, when in 1972 the first transfer RNA gene was synthesized, quickly followed by the synthesis of peptide and protein coding genes. In 1975 an important step was taken when Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) was first synthesized, a discovery with far reaching implications.

Two decades later the rapid progress being made towards designer life could not be kept quiet when in 1998, Dolly the sheep was cloned and Craig Venter began to sequence the human genome, both achievements announced with great media fanfare.

By 2014 a complete virus and an entire chromosome had been synthesized and these developments were rapidly introduced into medicine, vaccines and military research.   Then in 2016, only six years ago, that same Craig Venter developed his second, fully synthetic life form; a bacterial cell.  His first attempt in 2008 was a milestone in synthetic life development with the 2016 creation another leap forward.

Four years ago in 2018, scientists in England created a cloned life form using genetically altered, fertilized eggs, however the public began to suspect that a 'designer' civilization lay at the end of that line of research and further cloning work was moved out of the public eye.



This year the Weizmann Institute of Technology in Israel has announced the creation of a living, functioning embryo using just stem cells nurtured in an artificial womb.

Noor al-Sibai at 'Futureism' says of this ground-breaking Israeli development,  “This new embryo model, as detailed in the team's paper published this week in the journal Cell, was able to mimic all the makings of an early body, "including precursors of heart, blood, brain and other organs" as well as "the 'support' cells like those found in the placenta and other tissues required to establish and maintain a pregnancy," as University of Melbourne stem cell researcher Megan Munsie, who was not involved in the research, wrote in a piece for The Conversation.

Baxter Dmitry at 'Newspunch' notes that the Israelis goal “...is to develop synthetic human stem cells in an attempt to “solve” human health crises, a science which experts say won’t be ready for decades.  In short, Bio Renewal (who fund the work) wants to create embryo-stage versions of humans so that it can harvest tissues for transplants.

No matter the intent of these trials, the Israelis have again shown that it is not necessary to have embryonic stem cells for cloning and one needs only a scraping of skin, drop of blood or any living cell from a person in order to recreate them.  According to the Mayo Clinic,  “Scientists have successfully transformed regular adult cells into stem cells using genetic reprogramming. By altering the genes in the adult cells, researchers can reprogram the cells to act similarly to embryonic stem cells.

Five years ago an artificial womb was created to support premature births and since 2017 a 'uni-sex' incubator has been in testing which allows both male and female to be a 'mother'.  Ideal for Democrats and Liberals everywhere.

This year the Chinese have announced the successful testing of a fully functional, artificial intelligence-driven womb capable of carrying an embryo for a full term of gestation, what ever that happens to be.

From a business point of view, producing a viable human capable of industrial and military tasks in half the natural time is the Holy Grail of this technology.  Fortunately for those pushing this agenda the manipulation of Mitochondrial DNA and other hormone stimulation can reduce gestation time plus reduce the growth time required to reach prime physical condition.

mtDNA manipulation can also determine the mental and physical characteristics of the resulting fetus allowing for a selection of attributes, depending on the intended purpose of the created life form.




Yet creating 'life' is only half the battle facing the World Government and there remains the need to remove as many original humans as possible, in as short a time-frame as possible.

Towards that end, in 1960 the United Sates FDA approved the first birth control 'pill', a development made possible in large part due to the urging and influence of Margaret Sanger and Katharine McCormick, both involved in promoting the burgeoning World Government ideals of a perfect society.

So effective was 'the pill' that in 1963, thirty six months after its release the worlds live birth rate of 36 per 1,000 people suddenly and without an official reason began to decline precipitously, resulting in a live birth rate of only 17 per 1,000 people today. Whether it is a result of the 'pill' alone or a combination of societal and environmental factors, global population growth has been cut in half over four decades with Canada's live birth rate declining by two thirds in that same window.



In spite of this data and other more recent studies showing a declining population in industrialized nations, the World Government must promote the Malthusian belief that global population remains on an exponential growth curve.  This is an integral component in their stated need to control the resources of humanity in spite of the fact that demographic statisticians are of the belief that global population growth slowed decades ago and will peak at less than ten billion people in eighty years before going into a general decline.

What the actuaries and statasticians are now struggling to include in their population forecasts is a phenomenon new to the world and one which will dramatically impact peak population assessments;  the wide-spread genetic modification of humanity using technology in development by the World Government these past many decades.



Signs of a 'modified' humanity became noticeable early in the year 2021 when athletes, performers and those in the public eye began to succumb to serious illness and/or die 'suddenly and unexpectedly'.  It was the fall of 2021 when the insurance companies started to sound the alarm.

Over the COVID pandemic year of 2020, all-cause mortality rose 12 percent over pre-pandemic 2019 figures according to North American and European life insurers. They note that those deaths were primarily in the +80-year old population and those already immune-compromised in some way.

Then in 2021 as COVID rates fell and vaccines became available, life insurers on both sides of the Atlantic recorded an increase in deaths of between 40 and 300 percent over the 2020 values.  Significantly the 2021 (and now 2022) increase is seen in the age group between adolescence and late middle age (prime working/military/childbearing years), with most dying suddenly and without a prior existing condition.

This phenomenon has an effect similar to that of war, where removal of that age group from a population results in reduced future birth rates, reduced GDP and often the end of that population entirely,  and this phenomenon could not happen at a worse time for humanity.



Demographically the global powers which exist today, including China, reached their peak effective 'fighting' population more than a decade ago, meaning that their median age group has been greying ever since.

Given that there is ample evidence to believe the loss of young people noted in 2021 will accelerate through 2022 and beyond, the initiation of military action by one nation or another based on dwindling demographics will have to be prioritized before the world runs out of people young enough to fight.

Today Mr. Harari and his World Government watch and wait as global food and energy supplies dwindle and regional political conflicts turn into military conflicts which threaten to draw in more of the world.

Through a combination of starvation, homelessness, war, a changing environment plus the mysterious rise in sudden deaths, Mr. Harari and his ilk see the day rapidly approaching when the world will cry out for help, unaware that the NGO's and organizations extending their charitable hands in response are the very groups responsible for the pain in the first place.

So there you have the conspiracy and a few of the many reasons for its existence.

A horror story to some but the dawn of a wonderful new age to others.

Perhaps this story will end with the plans of the World Government thwarted by a humanity that awakens to realize the fate which awaits them, but I don't want to make conspiracy theory overly implausible.

You decide the outcome.  Really!

Thank You,


"Listen to the tide slowly turning

Wash all our heartaches away

We are part of the fire that is burning

And from the ashes we can build another day

But I'm frightened for your children

And the life that we are living is in vain

And the sunshine we've been waiting for Will turn to rain"

The Moody Blues – Story In Your Eyes

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